You are managing experts and technicians routes :

  • To conduct sampling or analyses (materials' testing, water, measuring gas emissions, etc.)

  • To carry out inspections and checks or verify equipment compliance (electrical installations, equipment, structures, building sites, fire standards, environmental quality, accessibility, building quality, safety standards)

  • To award certifications (compliance with building regulations, gas and electricity installations, etc.)

  • To conduct audits or diagnoses.

You need a solution for scheduling your experts' call-outs, optimizing the order of appointments with your customers, reducing the time they spend on the road and controlling your costs ?

No matter what type of assignments your technicians are required to carry out, your response schedules on the groute can be optimised to provide quality customer service and improve productivity.

Taking better account of geographical realities can reduce the time your experts spend travelling by 20%.

Optimising the geographical distribution of your experts activities

Ensuring greater efficiency of teams on the groute requires strategic thinking about the geographical distribution of your activities.

You have to define balanced and realistic sectors based on where your technicians are required to respond and their ability to move.

Scheduling your expertise and audit routes

Call-out scheduling solutions enable you to plan the most profitable routes taking account of your business constraints :

The technicians' technical expertise, geographical proximity, availability, equipment/vehicle capabilities, specific site characteristics, factoring in of customer contracts or the intervals between audits, etc.

Your teams know their schedules in advance and have the road maps to find their way around on the ground and quickly reach their call-out locations.

Your technicians' schedules are optimal : They spend less time on the road and can dedicate themselves to their core business : analysis, sampling or audit call-outs.

Our solutions and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a range of geographical optimisation solutions covering all the needs relating to the management of expertise and audit routes.

Address geocoding solution

Accurately and precisely locating the geographical address of your customers or call-out locations is an indispensable step in obtaining reliable and accurate calculations.

Territory redistricting solution

Territory redistricting enables you to distribute your sites between strategic call-out areas to balance your staff's routes. You can determine which sites or customers will be served by your technicians depending on the distance and drive time.

Real-time mobile team scheduling solution

Our mobile team scheduling solution enables you to calculate in real-time the most profitable schedules based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints.

Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

GEOCONCEPT provides you with a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform. You know where your teams are in real-time and can direct their activities.


GEOCONCEPT collaborates with the main players in the cartographic data market, guaranteeing reliable and relevant results.