Real time scheduling

The optimization solution for planning field activities

Technicians, salespeople, delivery staff, auditors, emergency staff: from making appointments to optimizing movements on the ground, Opti-Time is a comprehensive software suite for pinpoint, relevant, rapid and lower cost calls.

Opti-Time overview : geo-optimisation and scheduling solution

Appointment booking

continuous call optimization

Diary optimization

automatic schedule reorganization

Strategic planning

reorganizing to cope with the work load

Real-time management

unforeseen risks, geo-location, mobile assistance tools

Tighter call timeslots

The powerful geographical and business optimization engine looks for and identifies the best appointment: the least expensive, the fastest and the best suited to the company’s and customers’ constraints.

Optimized responsiveness

Intelligently combining recurring appointments and emergency cases, Opti-Time permanently reorganizes schedules while maintaining customer commitments.

Reliable and rapid appointment booking

The integrated customer relationship and human resources management features ensure access to essential information, online or not, on the company’s CRM, ERP and HR platforms.

Planning under control

Moving or reassigning a call, filling an empty schedule with a nearby appointment... these are all activities that can be easily accomplished manually from an individual or team schedule.

A tailored solution

Visit priority, skills, assignments, overnight stays, repeat calls, customer profile, objectives, requirements…: all of an activity’s characteristics and constraints are taken into account.

Planning in support of strategy

With its strategic planning features, Opti-Time simulates the impact of future variations in activity and allows different reorganization scenarios to be tested.

On the ground

Mobile app

Discover Opti-Time Mobile, the smart phone and tablet application for operational staff


Opti-Time communicates in real-time with geolocation systems: Orange, TomTom, Masternaut, Ocean…

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