Territory Redistricting & Balancing

sales optimization

A dynamic redistricting tool

Thanks to its powerful optimisation engine, the Geoconcept Territory Manager module enables you to define the redistricting best suited to its market and strategy, simulate new sales territories and exploit their potential to the full.

This decision making tool harnesses the company's data to build optimised sectors : balanced customer portfolio, efficient organisation and lower travel costs.

Discover Territory Manager for Geoconcept main functionalities:

Balanced territories :
Redistricting territories(1'40 min.)

Redistricting software : define balanced sectors

Balanced territories :
redistricting with points (1 min.)

Redistricting software : define balanced sectors


Geoconcept Territory Manager makes light work of building one's own redistricting model from geographical criteria (compactness, accessibility…) and statistical business data (customers, prospects, potential turnover…).

The decision maker weights these criteria according to the chosen strategy.


Geoconcept Territory Manager employs a mathematical algorithm that enables the redistricting quality to be scored. Launching the model returns an initial redistricting outcome, which then needs to be refined and optimized using the various tools suggested.

The decision maker makes manual adjustments to fine tune his analysis simply by clicking on a geographical entity on the map, instantly measuring how good the redistricting is and the impact of each adjustment.


Geoconcept Territory Manager adapts to different types of need.

Be it mobile sales forces, points of sales or even delivery zones, the module designs models that best fit the business problem by enabling the user to rebuild sectors at any time according to his own business knowledge.


The interoperability between the tools in the range makes it easy to publish the results obtained using Geoconcept Territory Manager.

Whether they are incorporated into reports using Geoconcept Sales & Marketing and Reports for Geoconcept or published via an intranet (Sales & Marketing Portal), the new sectors are communicated to the teams in a simple and visual way.

Discover the main features of Territory Manager for Geoconcept

Geographical constraints
The user defines the geographical constraints to be complied with : generate homogeneous sectors, with an equivalent area, with a minimum distance from the central axes or on a customized basis by varying four parameters (homogeneity, compactness, ratio of the internal to the external boundaries, minimum distance from the centre).

Statistical constraints
In order to define sectors that fit with the company's commercial strategy, the user creates formulae from statistical variables within the database: equivalent number of customers, balanced turnover potential…

Thanks to its long optimization function, the tool looks for an optimal solution for a predefined period of time, taking account of all of the constraints that the user has set up.

Existing redistricting

If the territory of interest has already been sectored, Territory Manager for Geoconcept displays it then analyses and optimizes its performance.

Manual adjustments

To refine and optimise the resulting redistricting, Territory Manager for Geoconcept enables a new simulation to be run at any time and manual adjustments made according to the user’s business knowledge.

A large suite of tools is available: sector optimisation, creating a new sector, relocating entities to another sector, merging sectors…

Different types of sector creation are proposed: retail parks with distance constraints built-in, sectors surrounding central locations (points of sale or agencies) redistricting based on an administrative grid (IRIS, postcode, commune, department) or by combining any type of surface entity.

Optimization profiles
Territory Manager for Geoconcept enables optimization profiles to be set up, making for greater ease of increased productivity and configuration. Positions are thus predefined for the optimization grids.

Saving and historization
Once redistricting is confirmed to be in line with expectations, the result is saved. The sectors obtained are created as new entities. They are linked with the scores and values held in the redistricting table. Historization can be initiated at any time to compare two redistricting results or to update an earlier redistricting.