Optimization Delivery

Are you managing delivery, collection and transport routes for products or people ?

Taking better account of geographical realities can reduce the cost of your transport and logistics routes by 20%.

The slots you offer your customers are tighter and more accurate, your commitment to your customers is honored and productivity is optimal. Route optimization solutions are particularly useful and profitable for the following challenges.

Managing delivery schedules for products, materials, foodstuffs, magazines and newspapers.

You organise routes for supplying supermarkets, delivering professional equipment (water containers, vending machines, etc.) pharmaceutical products or medical gases, frozen, chilled or "oven-ready" products for local shops or bakeries, tray meals for businesses, schools, communities or mass catering chains and home delivery (parcels, press). ‚Äč

Your routes may be of several types : single or multiple drop, occasional or scheduled delivery points, urban or rural, etc.

You have to take account of a certain number of constraints in organising your delivery people's routes: customer delivery hours and adherence to deadlines, quantities and volume of the goods to be delivered, your vehicles' capacity, location of your customers and logistics depots or your drivers' statutory working hours, loading and unloading times, your vehicles' traffic constraints (heavy goods vehicles).

In the case of home delivery rounds, you are required to manage a large number of densely located call destinations at regular frequencies and in defined places. If you are a haulier, you also need to simulate rounds to know the cost of a delivery service and invoice your customers as accurately as possible.

You are subject to major cost constraints generally and have to optimise rounds in order to control your fuel and resource expenditure.

By reducing time spent on the road, round optimisation solutions enable you to sequence movements and define optimal and coherent delivery journeys. You reduce your mileage and can call on more customers or resize your vehicle fleet. You quickly improve your profitability.

Waste collection

Traffic density, road characteristics, special traffic points, one-off or regular work and events make it particularly difficult to draw up rounds itineraries for waste collection.

Mobile team optimisation solutions enable you to define the most logical collection rounds itineraries : the whole of the territory is covered and superfluous mileage eliminated.

Taking account of cartographic, road and traffic data in real-time enables you to adapt to the actual situation on the ground at all times. Routes oare recalculated to circumvent obstacles in the most efficient way, improving your service quality.

You can also take account of your vehicle constraints,the quantities to be loaded and your drivers' constraints in calculating the most profitable routes.

Opening a new depot

When a business activity is growing, you must be able to manage larger order volumes and extend your delivery area. You may be compelled to set up a new depot.

Geographical redistricting optimization solutions enable you to provide perfect cover for the territory: activities are analyzed then broken into balanced sectors based on economic geographical criteria.

Transporting people

Ground transport of people operators face the same problems : are their routes aligned with population areas ? Are their timetables appropriate to demand ? Should frequency be increased or reduced ? Is there an alternative transport offering on this route? Are customers' needs being met ?

Transport round optimization solutions enable you to calculate the most appropriate itineraries based on defined constraints. These rounds are socially acceptable (minimum perceived delay), technically viable (maximum theoretical vehicle capacity) and economically attractive (increased productivity).

Our solutions and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a range of geographical optimization solutions covering all the needs relating to the management of transport routes.

Address geocoding solution

Accurately and precisely locating the geographical address of your customers, depots or stops is an indispensable step in obtaining reliable and accurate calculations.

Territory redistricting solution

Territory redistricting enables you to distribute your customers across strategic distribution areas to balance your routes from your various depots or shops.

You can determine which customers will be served from what depots depending on their distance and drive time.

Route optimization solutions

Our transport optimization solutions enable you to calculate the most profitable rounds itineraries based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints.

Vehicle fleet and mobile team tracking

GEOCONCEPT provides you with a vehicle tracking and fleet management platform. You know where your driver / delivery teams are in real-time and can direct their activities.


GEOCONCEPT collaborates with the main players in the cartographic data market, guaranteeing reliable and relevant results.