sales optimization

Players in the retail, brand and franchise sectors:

Your networks' performance is often viewed in a financial (profitability), economic (operational efficiency) or even marketing (image and loyalty) light.

Before that, it is also geographical: the retail and FMCGs trade is about creating a contact, of necessity physical, between products and their consumers.

How do you organize efficiently within your territory?
GEOCONCEPT offers you the wherewithal to master your geography and that of your customers. Optimize the geographical dimension to connect your market and customers (territorial coverage, optimal organization, targeted marketing activities…) and deliver your products and services as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Harnessing geomarketing to developing sales networks
Geomarketing puts geographical intelligence at the very heart of information systems. As a genuine decision-making tool, geomarketing aims to improve organizations' sales performance through superior market knowledge and by optimizing the geographical dimension of many processes: site selection, network management, geomerchandising, prospecting, customer retention, managing operations on the ground (sectoring, appointments, delivery), performance analysis...

Network analysis and location studies
By virtue of its data reduction capability and the inclusion of the socio-demographic and competitive environment, geomarketing analysis enables you to better understand your market, to formalize your terrain expertise and to transform this vehicle into a formidably persuasive tool.

Starting with a potential location of a future sales outlet, the geomarketing software calculates the various catchment areas (e.g.: pedestrian, car) and establishes the potential consumption based on the socio--demographic data. A comprehensive report incorporating maps, tables and graphs can be generated for a quick overview of the area.

The geomarketing analyses enable an accurate description of the local and national state of the target market.

sales optimization

Communication and targeting
The recruitment of new customers is a crucial challenge for the development of any brand.

Adding geographical intelligence to prospecting and customer retention strategies enables the right message to be sent to the right contact by adding very precise criteria such as: potential consumption, socio-demographic profiles, revenue, distance from the store, distance from competitors…

Defining territories in which to look for new customers or to segment one's customer relationship according to geographical and search around criteria makes for more efficient and personalized activities through better targeting.

sales optimization

Customer profiling and managing customer retention
Geography makes for considerably more sophisticated customer knowledge. Geo-marketing tools allow you to display all the customer data in your retention database on a map and cross-correlate them with relevant external information (socio-demographic and behavioral data). This enables you to define accurate customer typologies providing the closest possible fit with reality.

Identifying customer areas also enables you to be better informed as to where your customers come from (e.g. which area corresponds to 50% of turnover?).

Improved customer knowledge means that your customer retention marketing activities are more efficient because they are better targeted and genuinely personalized.

sales optimization

Geo-merchandising consists in optimizing your merchandising strategy based on your customers' behavioral data, information from your retail outlets and geographical data.

Geomerchandising has become an essential sales performance tool. Whichever sales channel you use, the product and service offering must adapt to the local consumption and competitive context.

Geomerchandising enables you to adapt your mix-marketing strategy (pricing, offering) to local market contexts (competition, shop floor space, your customers' potential consumption). You have the right products at the right price and in the right place, optimizing your retail outlets' profitability.

sales optimization

Performance analysis
Very extensive formatting and report automation tools dynamically linked to the map being studied enable activities to be monitored accurately and to a high standard. The scorecards are then enhanced with accurate mapping reports, complementing complex tables of figures and graphs.

These accurate reports allow you to analyze your performance and so better anticipate the future. You assess the variances between forecast and actual and set objectives appropriate to the sales potential of each regional management team, for example.

sales optimization

Real-time route scheduling and booking distribution appointments

You manage delivery and installation schedules for individuals or companies: domestic appliances, electronic equipment, home shopping delivery, professional equipment.

Your orders and deliveries are managed from a call center, which suggests delivery slots to your customers and allocates the assignments between your various staff. You need to manage a large number of deliveries, to take account of available stock and of time spent with customers to deliver or install your products.

Integrating geographical optimization and mobile team scheduling solutions with your information system enables you to improve your performance and competitiveness.

sales optimization

Organizing mobile teams: achieving fair sectors and organizing schedules for delivery, sales and technical staff
You make deliveries from a number of logistics centers, manage teams located at a number of sites and customers spread throughout a large territory. You are required to define strategic delivery areas to spread the workload between different sectors.

Geographical sectoring solutions enable you to assign your customers or call destinations to the nearest centers.

Once these sectors have been defined, mobile team scheduling management solutions enable you to calculate the optimal routes for your drivers and installers for each area based on cartographic and road data and your business constraints: adherence to delivery timeslots validated by your customers, your vehicles' quantity and loading time constraints, your teams' availability and expertise, required installation time, etc.

Geographical route optimization eliminates wasted journeys. You can reduce your mileage by up to 30% and transport time as well. This will reduce your fuel budget and vehicle fleet.

Your delivery people won't waste any time finding their bearings on the ground. You generate road maps for each delivery person and the detailed maps of the itineraries they have to follow.

sales optimization

Operations management: real-time booking of appointments and scheduling
The customers you need to deliver to are not regular: your call center manages delivery requests and continually logs the call destinations.

You need to calculate routes in advance, but also have to take account of new requests or changes in real-time: delivery request on the same day as the round, last-minute cancellation of appointments, the customer's absence, delivery staff absent or late…

Taking account of these hazards in real-time using the scheduling solution enables you to be responsive and constantly adapt your delivery staff's routes. This ensures your teams' efficiency and the quality of your customer service.

sales optimization

They use our geographical optimization solutions:

The Casino Group uses the Opti-Time solution to plan and optimize the delivery routes itineraries of its online sales subsidiary CDiscount. Opti-Time makes it possible to plan the itineraries of more than 220 delivery drivers and to generate the optimal sequencing of deliveries to general stores.

ATOL uses them to develop and organize its national sales outlet network. ATOL's marketing analysis department optimizes local communication by running daily map-based activity reports as well as geographical analyses for the brand's opticians.

They also use our solutions:

Franprix Leader Price, Auchan, Bébé 9, BHV-Galeries Lafayette, Boulanger, Brossette, Darty, Carrefour, Culinarion, France Loisirs, Groupe SAMSE, Intermarché, Intersport, KparK, La Grande Récré, Lapeyre, Les Opticiens Mutualistes, L'Oréal, Picard, Pizza Hut, Point P, Point Soleil, Quick, Schiever, S'Miles, Système U, Truffaut, Vivarte, Weldom, Wolseley...

Our solutions and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a range of solutions covering all the geographical optimization-related needs of retail and FMCGs

Geomarketing solutions

Our geomarketing solutions help to do all the geomarketing analysis necessary to develop your business : site selection, network management, prospecting and customer retention, performance analysis...

Complementary modules complémentaires: redistricting, data mining

Redistricting allows to assess the organization of your network, define new locations and build optimized sectors : balanced customer portfolio, efficient organization and lower travel costs.

Data mining enables you to develop the best possible understanding of your geographical data, improve the analysis of an activity and simulate future performance.

Scheduling mobile workforces in real-time

Our scheduling and appointment solution lets you create optimized delivery schedules. You can plan an overall schedule based on customers identified in advance (projected routes), or you can create a schedule incrementally according to emergencies or new requests.

Available on smartphones and tablets, the application enables each resource to consult, in the field, his or her diary information and to communicate in real time with the system.

Call-center platforms

Our Call Center platform enhances the call centre applications with relevant geographical functions. It provides online access to map servers to locate sites simply by entering the address.

Services and data

Mapping and data

GEOCONCEPT offers a comprehensive range of data: cartographical and road data, traffic speeds, specific transport characteristics, commercial data, company files, points of interest: hotels, restaurants, car parks…


To facilitate the rapid deployment of a solution, support it in everyday use and drive its development, a team of consulting engineers defines and supports your projects until they are fully integrated with the information system: analysis of the constraints and benefits of installing the solutions, pilots, skills transfer, technical assistance...