TourSolver Cloud

The route optimization solution in the cloud

Accessible, simple, fast and efficient, TourSolver Cloud is the benchmark web solution for optimizing routes, whether for calls, callouts, deliveries or collections.

TourSolver Cloud Teaser (EN) Geoptimization made simple!

Business customization

Terminology, optimization preferences, vehicle profile… The interface adapts automatically to the user's business.

Assisted configuration

Defining the location and specific characteristics of the calls to be made and of the agents takes only a few minutes.

Route optimization

TourSolver Cloud identifies the most profitable route plans: the most calls in the shortest time.

Assessing improvements

A built-in simulator continuously measures the time, mileage and cost improvements achieved by the optimization.

All the benefits of a cloud solution

No installation, automatic updates and secure data: welcome to TourSolver Cloud, your ready-to-use web solution!

Available for immediate use

Thanks to its intuitive interface and numerous built-in help functions TourSolver is available for immediate use and requires no training.

A customized solution

TourSolver adapts to the specific characteristics of your business and resources: daily working hours, lunch break, skills, capacity, vehicle used…

Assisted configuration

A few clicks is all it takes to import the calls to be made and define the constraints to be complied with (timeslots, quantity to be delivered…).

Relevant, realistic and profitable routes

TourSolver's optimization algorithms define the optimal scheduling of your routes and reduces operating costs by an average of 15%.

Guaranteed ROI

TourSolver calculates the improvements generated by the optimization in terms of cost, distance to be covered, CO2 emissions…

TourSolver is also a valuable aid before and after the optimization!

Before: Save time when preparing your routes

Less time spent planning, optimized vehicle loading, higher delivery volumes, tailoring the size of your vehicle fleet to suit your needs, optimized mobile worker schedules to avoid idle time... TourSolver is a valuable planning aid!

After: Improve the efficiency of your teams on the ground

TourSolver enables you to export the schedules and itineraries of each agent in Excel, PDF or iCalendar format, or to share them via email, with the journeys displayed on the map. The optimization results can also be sent to vehicle tracking services, navigation systems or electronic diaries.

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