Opti-Time Cloud

sales optimization

Opti-Time Cloud is a web application available on the Salesforce.com © AppExchange platform

The Opti-Time Cloud app lets you perform geographical optimizations : locating customers, calculating mobile team call schedules…

Opti-Time Cloud enables decision-makers and operational staff to access powerful geo-optimization features directly within their Salesforce CRM.

The application provides comprehensive optimization of sales staff and technical service call schedules, from making the appointment to optimizing movements on the ground.

More appointments, fewer movements

All the geographical optimization features in a single Salesforce application:

sales optimization

Opti-Time Cloud's geocoding feature geo-locates your customers and accounts with ultimate accuracy.

Client locations are displayed on an interactive map: different scales, satellite view, real-time display of traffic and public transport networks, and manual relocation of the contact.

sales optimization

Opti-Time Cloud displays all the customers located a certain distance from the reference point (home, agency, logistic centre). This distance is configurable.

It enables you to select the customers to be visited during the route.

The route is optimized: the proposed sequencing of the calls to be made is that for which the distance traveled and time spent on the road are least. The round is displayed on an interactive map.

The distance and duration of the journey between each site are calculated automatically.

sales optimization

The route calculations are automatically recorded in the mobile teams' diaries.

The detail of each task can be displayed: customer name, task to be accomplished, cartographic location …

sales optimization

Opti-Time Cloud enables you to generate a large amount of analytical data :

  • Statistics on mobile resources: distance from the most profitable customers, idle time, distance covered…
  • Planning statistics: variances between forecast and actual, number of rearranged and cancelled appointments, number of appointments made…

These data are a valuable source of information and can be used to create reports directly within Salesforce.
The dashboards are then enhanced with the relevant geographical analyses required for analyzing performance.

A scalable solution
Opti-Time Cloud is available in 4 versions:

Mapping the client portfolio
Geographical Business Intelligence, contact database location and enrichment, targeting.

Route optimization
Optimized call sequencing, search around function, route calculation.

Optimization of mobile team schedules, factoring in of business constraints, optimized appointment booking.

Optimization of mobile team schedules with advanced optimization engine.

Personalized services
GEOCONCEPT supports you in implementing the application. Our goal is to achieve perfect integration of the geographical optimization features with the information system and to tailor the solution to the specific characteristics of the business.

Preliminary feasibility, pilot and experimentation study

Assistance, configuration

Training, e-learning, certification

Support, maintenance, TMA